In Latin, the word Urbicapus was used to indicate a conqueror of cities.

In Lives of Eminent Commanders, Cornelius Nepos collects a series of biographies on the most valiant leaders and conquerors of antiquity, such as Demetrius I Poliorcetes (son of Antigonus), and other generals of Alexander the Great. However, the conquerors did not limit themselves to the military occupation of the subjugated territories, but they promoted arts and science and encouraged the development of the local economies.

The distinctive feature of the Macedonian Urbicapus was the spread of the Greek culture in the Mediterranean and Eurasian areas and its fusion with other civilizations, from Asia to North Africa, passing through Phoenicia and Mesopotamia. This cultural environment led to the birth of the Hellenism as a philosophical, scientific and artistic model and favored, among other things, the spread of the cosmopolitan ideal.

More than 2000 years have passed since then. Who is the contemporary Urbicapus now?

Well, we found him: he’s an explorer with an intense desire for knowledge, who aims to live new experiences; he’s a hiker, curious to discover places of artistic interest and natural beauties; he is passionate about history, traditions and legends and a lover of good cooking and products of excellence; he is a child looking for amusement and outdoor fun…The 2.0 Urbicapus remains a conqueror, but his conquest is the full fruition of a tourist experience through the search and discovery of the treasures of a territory.The Urbicapus is a conscious tourist, who sets out targets (places to visit) and implements strategies (how to get somewhere) taking account of factors such as time and budget. According to his interests, he chooses what to visit, do, eat and drink. The world, the society, the technology, and even the way we communicate: everything is changing. Internet and a small smartphone are now the principal instruments of conquest used by the modern-day Urbicapus.

Like good allies, we want to open the city and village gates to the modern conquerors, thanks to a practical virtual guide to the territory excellences. A useful tool for travel planning and for improving the experience of the touristic visits. 

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