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    The complex of Monte Gelato, with its Medieval tower, the water mill, and the waterfalls along the river, it’s one of the most famous sites of the Parco Valle del Treja. This undoubted top landmark of the region has been a protected area since 1982.The first traces of settlements are evidenced by the remains of a 1st-century BC villa and a 19th-century water mill used until the 1960’s. The site has been frequented since prehistoric times and shows the signs of the various epochs of its history: from the Roman villa of the 1st century BC to the 8th-century agricultural settlement and the 1800s mill which is now the symbol of the park. The Mola, or Mulino (mill), was realized in 1830 thanks to the Del Drago family, who became the owner of the entire estate in 1837. It is a complex made up of more ancient buildings dating back to Medieval times: a structure sited between the two branches of the river and near the waterfalls, probably used as a mill in the past, and a turret placed further south along the current road. The mill was built in the first structure consisting of a multi-storey tower leaning against a lower construction. The lower floor of the highest building hosted the milling area, while the entrance was on the first floor, connected to the turret by a wooden bridge. Near the mill, a defensive wall features locks to regulate the water flow. After closing in the first ‘60s, the Mola had been abandoned for many years until the 1990s, when the Park bought and renovated the ancient complex. 

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